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About Us

Crimson Soft was founded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2007 by Benjamin Grizzell. In 2011, we expanded our services and opened a second office location in Chatanooga, Tennessee. This allowed us to better server our regional clients who are based across the Southeast. Though our company has just turned four, our team has been developing online solutions for over ten years.

At Crimson Soft, we are more than just technology nerds who know how to code a website. We understand that having a true online strategy requires more than just clean coding. That's why we have built a diverse team of experts with all different backgrounds. We have an MBA graduate who understands your business goals and can help plan a web strategy to accomplish those goals. We have team members who specialize in everything from graphic design to branding to software development. We also have MBA's who understand business and can help you reach your true goals. Together, our team builds a comprehensive approach to online media.

Our Process

At Crimson Soft, we have spent years refining our process and our approach to online projects. We follow a rigorous plan for every project that leads our clients through each of the following steps. The end result is a web presence that truly accomplishes the goals of our clients.

Stage 1: Discovery & Planning

Before each project Crimson Soft performs a thorough evaluation of our client's goals and objectives. Our business specialists interview your key stakeholders and work with you to outline the overall goals of your web presence. That includes identifying the core services your organization provides, focusing on how you are positioned in relation to your competitors, and building a target audience profile. The outcome is a detailed project plan outlining the objectives, timeline and deliverables for your project.

Stage 2: Strategic Planning

One of our strengths is our experience working with a vast range of industries. We consider ourselves students of strategy. And we apply what we've learned in the past when planning our solutions. Once we identify those solutions we create a detailed project plan outlining the objectives, timeline and deliverables for your project.

Stage 3: Design

Almost all of our projects require design in one form or fashion. And great design is just as important to us as it is for our clients. Once we identify your objectives and provide a plan, we create a design that will deliver on those plans. Unlike other web firms, we are not interested in winning awards (although we have won quite a few). For us a successful design is one that appeals to your target audience and forwards your overall marketing goals.

Stage 4: Development

Once we have all of our planning and design requirements fulfilled we put it to work in the form of thousands of lines of code. Our expert programmers write in various coding languages depending on your specific needs. We typically write in PHP, CSS, Java, or HTML5, but we have expansive resources should your project call for a different coding language. If you have no idea what those coding languages mean, don't worry. That's why we are here. We don't believe in spewing a lot of technical jargon that goes over the heads of most clients. We break it down for you and make recommendations based on what we know will work best for your project.

Stage 5: Maintenance and Enhancements

Finally, the great thing about what we do is that nothing is set in stone. Once a project is launched we continue our relationship with the client by providing future maintenance and updates as needed. Whether it is something as simple as text change or something as complicated as integrating enhanced features, we are here for all of your future needs.